Cumartesi, 27 Mayıs 2023 19:30
Genel Giriş - ₺100,00
Leman Kültür - Beyoğlu


Come to Leman Kultur Beyoglu on 27 May Saturday at 19:30 for an English comedy night where we cheer up and laugh against all odds.


Denis Smirnov

Aysegul Frame

Mo Salim

Orhun Timur

Luciano Romanello


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Orhun Timur is born in Istanbul, based in Los Angeles. Professional Meisner trained actor. Independent film writer and director.

Denis Smirnov is a Russian comedian who started a new life and career in Turkey. He has performed on TV in Russia since 2017. He is a traveling comedian who performed in 9 countries and 20 cities in the EU, and dozens of cities in Russia.

Luciano Romanello is an Italian stallion who has lived for ten years in Turkey and couldn't understand why people here drink turnip juice. He makes jokes about Turkey, and Italy makes him the ultimate Levantine.

Aysegul Frame is an Oxford graduate comedian. She lived on four continents and met people and animals from over 150 different nations, and now she is back in her only home Turkey İstanbul.

Mo Salim is an Iranian Comedian/Actor who used to live and perform comedy in Georgia until he got deported for an "irrelevant" reason to his comedy. He jokes about a wide range of topics, from sex to masturbation. He likes his jokes the same as his coffee, dark like a rotten tooth.

And Lastly, I am Erinc Demir. I will host this night, we will hear well-crafted jokes and have fun at the birthplace of Turkish stand-up.

Date: 27 May 2023

Time: 19:30

Place: Leman Kultur Beyoglu DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/KVe2XaT5d16nK1jh7

The show is at Leman Kultur Beyoglu. This event is entirely in English and for adults only – Age 18+. Show line-ups might change in emergencies. Tickets are also available at the door.

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